Nils Marvin Teske

Jazz/Pop Piano

Nils Teske, born 1994, studied jazz and popular music at the HfM Mainz with Hendrik Smock, Ulf Kleiner, as well as music education with Prof. Peter Domnick, Sybille Plocher at the Folkwang UdK in Essen.
His orientation towards improvisation began in his youth and became his musical focus. A year abroad in Miami gave him an insight into Latin American music and American jazz.
During his second degree, he deepened his knowledge of piano improvisation, as well as classical piano music.
Nils Teske has performed in various contexts - from jazz ensembles to song recitals to salsa bands, he enjoys the diversity of musical sound worlds.
In addition, Nils Teske is active in intensive educational support for children and young people.


Artistic activity