Elementary sector - parent-child groups

The parent-child group would like to show you many ways in which you can enjoy singing and making music with your child and to promote a shared musical life.

Musical activity expresses itself in many different ways: Moving and dancing, speaking and singing, alone and in a group.

Every child has natural musical abilities. These abilities need to be developed, but not with performance and specialisation, but with joy and fun.

As caregivers, you can enjoy the music lesson as a time of intensive togetherness and activity with your child, (re)experience the joy of singing and moving for yourself and take away musical impulses for your everyday life.

Info about the lessons

The lessons take place weekly as group lessons. The lesson lasts 40 minutes. All children from the age of twelve months (at the beginning of the lessons) with their parents or other caregivers are invited to the music lessons. The groups are formed according to age.

Teachers for parent-child groups for parents and infants from 12 months of age

Elementary music education

Elementary music education

Elementary music education

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