Games circles

Supplementary subject 'Ensembles and Playing Circles' at the Darmstadt Municipal Music School

The Municipal Music School offers a number of ensembles and playing groups that can be attended as a supplement to instrumental or vocal lessons. These offers are also accessible to pupils who do not have their instrumental or vocal lessons at our house.

  • Feeling the Beat - Bodypercussion - Body Music for Adults
    Thursdays with Mr. Volker Ell
  • Strings workshop for young people and adults between 13 and 88 years
    Wednesdays with Mrs. Gabriele Wegner
  • Composition on Thursday afternoon at Mr. Jadwiga Frej

  • "Djerimba" - African drumming for youth and adults
    Wednesday evening at Mr. Thomas Weiler
  • Bongo School for children from 6 - 7 years on Monday afternoons,
    DrumKids for children from 8 - 12 years Monday afternoon,
    Pop band for young people from 12 - 17 years Wednesday afternoon
    with Mr Thomas Weiler
  • Young Wind Orchestra for wind players, but also percussionists with little or no experience of playing in an ensemble.
    Wednesday afternoon at Mr. Eberhard Stockinger
  • Die Blechkerle - a brass ensemble for children
    Tuesday evening at Eberhard Stockinger
  • Saxophone Ensemble for different age groups
    (dates by appointment) with Mrs. Sabine Hoppe
  • Recorder Ensemble for adults
    Tuesday evening at Mrs. Petra Hauptmann
  • Oboe Ensemble for children and young people
    Saturday morning at Mr. Sebastian Röthig
  • StringKids for children up to grade 6, with first experience of playing the violin
    Wednesday afternoon at Mrs. Cornelia Scholz
  • Harmony Hunters - String orchestra for middle school students with Mrs. Cornelia Scholz


Info about the lessons

The lessons take place in groups. It is possible to start at any time after consultation with the teacher.


Teachers for ensembles / playing circles

Violin / Viola

Violin, Music School Orchestra, String Workshop

Tuba, Euphonium, Baritone, Tenor Horn

Violin, String Orchestra

Oboe, Chamber Music

Recorder, recorder playing circle

Elementary music education

Composition, Artistic Director of the Events Office

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