The Förderverein der Akademie für Tonkunst e. V [Registered Association for the Promotion of the Music Academy] was founded (originally under a different name) in 1982. The association enables the purchase of music and musical instruments, repair and maintenance of instruments, grants for projects, training courses for teaching staff and subsidies for many more purposes which the Academy could not support independently.

The association is financed through voluntary contributions collected after Academy concerts, the sale of drinks and cakes, fundraising activities such as second hand book sales and donations made by individuals associated with the Academy.

Why do we need a promotion association?

The activities of this association provide support for the following purposes:

- purchase of musical instruments
- purchase of music
- repair and maintenance of instruments,
- grants for projects,
- training courses for students/teaching staff

How are these expenditures financed?

- annual membership fees (members must be resident in Germany or another EU country)
- donations collected after Academy concerts
- special activities
- additional donations

How can I help if I live in another EU country?

You can become a member of the Förderverein. Your annual membership fee amounting to EUR 25 is of great help to us. We are also very grateful for individual special donations at any time.

How can I help if I live outside the EU?

You can make a special donation to support the association. Large and small donations all go towards the support of a variety of projects (also see “Sponsorship”).

How do I become a member?

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German page of the Förderverein.