Tilman Hoppstock (*1961) studied the cello and guitar and has travelled extensively for over 30 years as soloist and chamber musician, becoming well acquainted with all stages in the world. Directly after completing his musical studies in 1983, he immediately embarked on a concert career taking him on extended tours around the globe including appearances in London, Athens, Paris, New York, San Francisco, Montreal, Tokyo, Mexico City, Singapore and numerous other megacities.

He received invitations from the Royal Academy of Music in London, the Manhattan School of Music and the University of South California (Los Angeles) and undertook a guest professorship at the University in Piteå (Sweden) between 2003 and 2005.

He received a number of international awards for his around 30 recordings (incl. the “German Record Critics Award” in 1999).

He has also achieved an international reputation as a musicologist with his three published volumes on Bach’s lute works (available in German and English). His most recent publication (Polyphony in Bach’s Fugues for Lute) is based on a thesis for which he was conferred the title Dr. Phil. in spring 2014.

His intensive study of Franz Schubert’s lieder led to the publication of two remarkable music editions (110 lieder in transcriptions for tenor and guitar and 61 lieder for baritone and guitar) issued by his own publishing house PRIM-Musikverlag which has produced around 120 publications since 1993 (

In 2013, Tilman Hoppstock received the “Darmstädter Musikpreis” for his lifetime achievements as concert guitarist, music publisher, teacher and concert organiser.

He has a predilection for crime novels and Russian literature, but is additionally an enthusiastic specialist in large and small ducks and stories based in the famous town of Duckburg. He is also a passionate lover of art and enjoys the great wines of France and Italy, preferably together with friends, and feels himself particularly attracted to Italy not only due to his love of wine.