Dr. Martin Krähe (born 1961)

Conducting Studies in Hannover and Frankfurt am Main (diploma). Scholarship awarded by the German Exchange Service (DAAD) and member of the Advanced Conducting Class at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London (Advanced Conducting Certificate). Master classes with Aldo Ceccato, Carlo-Maria Giulini, Sergiu Celibidache. 1988-1992 Doctoral Studies in Music History, British Literature and Linguistics at Heidelberg University, finished with a comparative dissertation on melodical structure in „Alessandro nell‘ Indie“ by Ignaz Holzbauer.
Work experiences as conductor, director of music schools, musicologist and composer. Solo-repetiteur at Izmir State Opera (Turkey), Music Director at Frankfurt Chamber Opera (Kammeroper Frankfurt) with opera productions of Pergolesi, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Donizetti, Rossini, Stravinsky, Maxwell-Davies among others. Contemporary Music Concerts with such ensembles as ensemble recherche, ensemble phorminx, serenata basel and the Frankfurt radio Symphony orchestra. Concerts, CD- and radio-productions from the Darmstadt International Summer courses for new music. Conductor of first performances by Bowyer, Eggert, Meijering, Steinberg, Quell and Federico Cavallaris opera „La strada della vita“ after Fellini.
Director of Kreismusikschule Oberlahn Weilburg, 2002-2007 vice president of the Hessian division of the German Association of Music schools (VdM). Lecturer for Music history and Musicology since 2002 with special attention to pre-classical and classical music, development of Symphony and Opera and performance-practice.